Down to Earth

We mean this...literally.

At American Property Experts, we are nothing if not down to earth. Using the right equipment, such as our mighty McCloskey 621 Trommel Screener, we are able to screen topsoil so that it’s free of visible contaminants like rocks, plastics, metals, and large vegetative debris.  We make sure there are no obstacles between our products and quality.

Out of Site, Out of Mind

We are often hired by contractors to arrive on job sites to screen the top layer of soil that has been stripped from the site in order to remove larger, organic material.  We know it’s vital in the construction process to eliminate pieces of large, organic matter, or else the site is compromised with contaminants and therefore ill-prepared for further work.  Through soil screening, we are able to separate the larger organics, and reuse the screened soil on-site, reducing the need to import soil from another site all-the-while saving time and money.  


Soil screening needs?

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