Tub & Wood Grinding

What is a Tub Grinder?

Picture a large round metal tub attached to wheels and a long conveyer belt, capable of grinding wood waste and spitting out yards of shredded material—that’s our 1,000-horsepower Vermeer TG7000. This beast of a machine is vital to our industry, as it allows us to feed it vegetative debris to produce our mulches and boiler fuel.

A Little History

Tub grinders were introduced in the early ’80s as a solution to the lumber industry’s ever-growing ecological footprint. By reducing wood waste and producing boiler fuel, it certainly lives up to this early promise. Soon enough, these hardworking behemoths were used for mulch production, which not only aided the recycling movement, but also replaced much of the bark and pine needles that were so prevalent at the time. This is why we love our tub grinders: they repurpose trees and create better landscaping products to benefit our terrains.

What We Do With It

In addition to using it to create our line of organic landscaping products, we also offer onsite tub grinding for our land clearing projects. By diversifying our machines and expertise, we’re able to do more for you at the right price.


Need a Tub or Wood Grinder?

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