Mulch. What is it?

“Ground up trees” is the general definition.

Industries exist in which perfectly good trees are cut down, ground up, sold in bulk to landscapers, or put into plastic bags and shipped to home improvement stores all over the world. Mulch is big business. It’s also a big reason many trees die.

What Makes Us Different

While our mulch looks like any other mulch, how we develop this product is a whole different story. “Waste Not Want Not” is our guideline. No, not just a phrase your grandparents might have said. APE is founded upon this principle. As a diversified biomass company, we make sure nothing we gather is wasted. Just how it should be.

Our Process

Using heavy machinery, a skilled crew, and old-fashioned work ethics, we grind our vegetative debris. We have a rigorous sorting process that separates fine particles, soil, and mulch-quality grinds into products of various uses. Some grinds are used as boiler fuel while others are made into colored mulches you’ll see around Wilmington and beyond. Additionally, we supply landscapers with topsoil, sand, and rich soil amendment. Learn More Here!

The APE Difference:

We don’t cut down forests or bag our mulch for mass distribution; instead, we sell it wholesale to landscapers and distributors. We also welcome visits from the occasional homeowner! For the best in bulk colored mulch, cypress mulch, screened topsoil, and nutrient-dense soil amendment, look no further than American Property Experts.


How much mulch do I need?


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