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Planting a tree is always a good thing. They produce oxygen, can revitalize urban areas, and provide a sense of calm and beauty to every passerby. Often, tree planting comes with a little landscaping, either to “frame” the tree where it stands or to support it. And, while most of these landscaping techniques are harmless, there’s...

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Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse! We do it all the time at APE!

Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse, not just a catchy alliteration! Here are 9 great ways you can help reduce your impact on the earth! Why throw something away when you could recycle it and use it elsewhere? Check out these 9 tips for ways you can repurpose things in your home, from trees in...

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Zones 6-8 encompass the majority of the southern coastal region and help determine a baseline planting guide for the southern US.

Follow along with us month-to-month as we develop a guide to for you to refer to for years to come.

It’s MARCH! Spring is SO.CLOSE you can taste it. Mother Nature has teased us with a few...

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Another “Earth Day” has come and gone. While we aren’t knocking any initiative that supports the preservation of our natural resources and over all health of our planet, Earth Day is, quite simply, inadequate. A Sustainable Garden is one way anyone can help.

One day … just ONE day to salute the place we all call home....

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A Butterfly Garden can be a wonderful place!

Oh, the magical butterfly, lighting soft on the edges of the most delicate flower. Real life fairies, floating among us in an array of colors and a kaleidoscope of patterns. For centuries, gardens have been designed to attract these, most magnificent...

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Here in coastal North Carolina, and especially Wilmington, fall planting doesn’t really evoke the same images of gardening that springtime does.

We tend to think of the season of flora and fauna as “behind us” and we sit a pot of mums beside a pumpkin and wait for the holidays. In the winter, we just day dream about the...

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