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Curb appeal is the impression that the exterior of a property gives off. In the real estate world, it’s one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a prospective buyer will want to look at a home, let alone purchase it. Good curb appeal can help a home sell in a matter of days given the right market, but bad curb appeal has... Read More
Bugs tend to give many of us the heeby jeebies and, while plenty of them can be creepy and even harmful, most bugs have important jobs to do. In fact, there are plenty of bugs that can be helpful to us humans, especially those of us who enjoy gardening. Many of them even play a role in getting rid of a wide variety of pests So if you're a gardener... Read More
Gardening is a wonderful hobby. It keeps you busy nearly all year long and can be a wonderful source of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for you and your family. Unfortunately, some of us live in climates where gardening isn’t always easy.

Elevation, soil type, and PH balance can all be problematic in the gardening world, but can usually... Read More
Gardening is one of those things that sounds easy at first but proves to be trickier than you originally thought. Once you get into the planning process you begin to realize there’s more to it than choosing plants you think are pretty. In fact, there are many considerations to make when learning how to plan a garden, from the size shape, and color... Read More
At American Property Experts, we provide bulk mulch and bulk soil to businesses and commercial properties all over Wilmington, NC. But we also work with plenty of home gardeners who are looking for the high-quality soil or mulch they need to help their gardens grow and thrive. That's why we wanted to offer some of our top tips, not only for becoming...
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As North Carolinians, we’re used to seeing piles of pine needles from the lush, green forests that cover our state from the beach to the mountains. But in Autumn we’re treated to a spectrum of colors as the leaves turn and fall to the ground; signaling the end of hot, humid summers and the beginning of a cool, Southern winter.

Regardless... Read More
Historically speaking, the first frost in North Carolina can happen anywhere between September and November, depending on which part of the state you live in. The first frost in Wilmington, NC typically doesn’t happen until November, but has been known to occur as early as October.

Regardless of where in North Carolina you live, it’s... Read More
Summer is officially here! If you’re good at planning ahead, your garden’s probably already planned, planted, and yielding the fruits of your labor.

If you haven’t had time to get your summer garden started yet, don’t worry! It’s not too late. We’ve got some handy tips for getting your garden ready for summer that’ll... Read More

Planting a tree is always a good thing. They produce oxygen, can revitalize urban areas, and provide a sense of calm and beauty to every passerby. Often, tree planting comes with a little landscaping, either to “frame” the tree where it stands or to support it. And, while most of these landscaping techniques are harmless, there’s...

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Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse! We do it all the time at APE!

Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse, not just a catchy alliteration! Here are 9 great ways you can help reduce your impact on the earth! Why throw something away when you could recycle it and use it elsewhere? Check out these 9 tips for ways you can repurpose things in your home, from trees in...

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Zones 6-8 encompass the majority of the southern coastal region and help determine a baseline planting guide for the southern US.

Follow along with us month-to-month as we develop a guide to for you to refer to for years to come.

It’s MARCH! Spring is SO.CLOSE you can taste it. Mother Nature has teased us with a few glorious...

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Another “Earth Day” has come and gone. While we aren’t knocking any initiative that supports the preservation of our natural resources and overall health of our planet, Earth Day is, quite simply, inadequate. A Sustainable Garden is one way anyone can help.

One day … just ONE day to salute the place we all call home....

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A Butterfly Garden can be a wonderful place!

Oh, the magical butterfly, lighting soft on the edges of the most delicate flower. Real life fairies, floating among us in an array of colors and a kaleidoscope of patterns. For centuries, gardens have been designed to attract these, most magnificent...

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