April Fool's Day: APE to be featured in documentary

Wilmington Company American Property Experts (APE) to be featured in upcoming documentary

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For Immediate Release

April 1, 2021 Wilmington, NC — Netfliix Studios and Wilmington-based American Property Experts (APE) announce an upcoming feature documentary on saving our nation’s forests through eco-friendly mulch production. The documentary will follow the “Our Planet” series on the popular streaming service, and will star the voice of Sir David Attenborough.

Directed by internationally renowned arborist, Theodore Treelove, with multi-Academy Award-winning cinemateographer A. Ward Shelvesfull, the documentary will feature shoots from regions across the globe where individuals and businesses have had a profound effect to counter deforestation, including Mumbai, India; St. Petersburg, Russia, Paris, France and Wilmington, North Carolina.

Filming for the project is currently underway, with location shoots in Wilmington to take place on April 22nd. The documentary is due to air on a television near you in the fall of 2021.

“I was completely shocked when the production team from Netfliix called to propose their idea,” said Jason Thompson, President of APE. “Apparently, Sir David Attenborough follows APE on social media and was impressed with what we’re doing in terms of creating eco-friendly mulch. And before anyone asks, yes I will make a cameo in the film — playing the part of a proud oak tree in the forest.”

The film is expected to bring to light needed conservation efforts in the area, as well as education around the mulch-making process, and a few laughs along the way.

“This is such a fun opportunity for me to work on this project,” Treelove said. “I truly love trees, and anything that helps preserve our world’s forest is worth talking about.”

If you are in the Wilmington, NC area and would like to be featured in the upcoming film, please purchase APE’s recycled mulch for your business or residence no later than April 18th. For additional opportunities and information about the film, please follow American Property Experts on social media or visit tubgrinding.com to learn more.

For purchase or media inquiries, contact bill@tubgrinding.com.

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