Have you ever wondered what happens to the trees, underbrush and even the topsoil when land is cleared?

Welcome to American Property Experts! We are the top source for bulk mulch in coastal North Carolina. Diversified, we also offer solutions to contractors in the form of tub grinding, land clearing, soil screening and hauling. With two convenient locations within New Hanover County, NC, we are able to serve landscapers, contractors, and homeowners alike. We, ultimately, accept vegetative debris (fallen trees, branches, brush, etc.) and recycle it using our proprietary processes.

Fallen trees become beautiful colored mulches that are environmentally friendly and responsible, as well as safe in which kids and pets can play.  Our topsoil is carefully screened and available to all contractors and residents. We create a nutrient-rich soil amendment from compost, leaf litter, and pine bark fines to help your garden thrive.  The APE team works daily to follow our motto: On Time. On Budget. No Excuses!  Beyond our commitment to our clients, we're also dedicated to making the earth a better and greener place to live, proudly represented by our several association memberships.

Our hope is to educate the public about our recycling initiatives and help others discover what they can do to conserve and leave less of a footprint. To learn more about APE visit the ABOUT page! Please, also feel free to call us at (910) 793-1460 with any questions!

Land Clearing

Land Clearing is one of the many services we take pride in providing to our clients. Our commitment to safety during your land clearing project is as unmatched as our commitment to your overall satisfaction. Due to the unique nature of our business, we are able to offer clients multiple solutions to common needs that are affordable as well as sustainable. Land Clearing with American Property Experts is a smart and responsible choice.

Onsite Tub Grinding

At American Property Experts, we feel it is very important that we provide the very highest in quality and care to you our clients, as well as to your individual landscapes and/or projects. We realize that in today’s society, personalized attention is often overlooked in lieu of mass production. American Property Experts pledges to make every attempt possible to meet or exceed your expectations.

Colored Mulches

Using heavy machinery, a skilled crew and old fashioned work ethic, we grind the debris. We have a rigorous sorting process that separates fine particles, soil, and mulch quality grinds into different products for different uses. Some grinds are used as boiler fuel and others are made into colored bulk mulch you’ll see around the Wilmington area adorning rose bushes and azaleas. Additionally, we supply landscapers with sand and topsoil and a rich soil amendment.

Vegetative Debris

Downed trees and limbs, whether from landscaping work or severe weather, can still provide benefits to your property. We repurpose brush, wood, root mat and other vegetative debris, by grinding it several different grinds and colors of mulch. Not only do we recycle the vegetative debris that we produce, but also we also accept vegetative debris at our Sunnyvale Drive.and Kerr Avenue. locations.

“We’ve been using A.P.E. for several years now and have done close to a dozen jobs with them. They’ve been very responsive and are competitively priced. We’ve had a real good working relationship with them over the years.”

- Bob Thomson
Thomson & Company

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