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Soil Screening

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Have you ever wondered what happens to the trees, underbrush and even the topsoil when land is cleared?

Welcome to American Property Experts! We are the top source for bulk mulch in coastal North Carolina. Diversified, we also offer solutions to contractors in the form of tub grinding, land clearing, soil screening and hauling. With two locations, we serve landscapers, contractors, and municipalities. We take vegetative debris (fallen trees, branches, brush) and repurpose it. Fallen trees become beautiful colored mulch that is safe for kids and pets to play in. Topsoil is screened and offered to landscapers. We blend nutrient rich soil amendments from compost, screened topsoil and mulch fines to help your garden thrive. Our Sunnyvale location even has sand. The APE team works daily to follow our motto: On Time. On Budget. No Excuses! Beyond the commitment to our clients, we also take seriously our commitment to be kinder to the earth. Our hope is to educate the public about our recycling initiatives and help others discover what they can do to conserve and leave less of a footprint.  To learn more about  APE visit the ABOUT page! Please, also feel free to call us at (910) 793-1460 with any questions!

Land Clearing in Wilmington NC, Soil Screening, Tub Grinding, Hauling, Mulch, Recycled Mulch

“We’ve been using A.P.E. for several years now and have done close to a dozen jobs with them. They’ve been very responsive and are competitively priced. We’ve had a real good working relationship with them over the years.”


Bob Thomson

Thomson & Company

“A.P.E. came in very low. They are extremely affordable. They show up on time. They work nights and weekends. The big thing for us is that they stay out of our way. So we can continue processing while they’re out here grinding.”


Jason Hale

Solid Waste Plant, New Hanover Co.

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